Matching people to jobs they love

& companies that love them right back


Introducing A Smarter Way to Hire

CoHired is a matching intelligence built to reimagine the way the world hires.

We match people to jobs they love.

When people love their jobs, they stay longer, helping to grow stronger companies.

We're here to work with existing ATS and HRIS to help talent teams hire smarter, faster. 


Overcome Selection Fatigue

Quickly shortlist top 10 candidates from 100s of CVs based on skill, experience & ethos fit


Nurture Workplace Ethos

Improve work culture, productivity & engagement by matching candidates to team ethos


Improve User Experience

Ensure applicants are given timely & helpful feedback with a clear applicant roadmap & journey


Select Great People 

Spend quality time with top candidates & standardise the process across multiple sites

Engagement & retention are driven primarily by the people you hire


A new way of hiring great people

We've crafted a cloud-based, SaaS platform and intelligence to nurture human interaction.

Talent teams have more time to engage and connect with their top applicants, spending quality time with people, not paper.

Our matching technology helps to supercharge current ATS and HRIS systems, not replace them.

Check list for skill experience and ethos fit
Easy Candidate Comparisons

Review and compare top 10 candidates at a glance based on skill, experience, and ethos fit

Match applicants using smarter technology
24/7 Applicant Matching

Our technology never stops matching applicants to jobs

Grow with you.png
A Platform That Grows With You

A rich product and feature pipeline, with ongoing enhancements to grow with your business

Designed For Integration

A matching intelligence that seamlessly enhances your current (and future) applicant tracking and management systems

coHired platform screenshot with skill experience and ethos fit


We're currently in beta!

We're working with some of New Zealand's largest and best employers to handcraft the company and job seeker experience.


Interested in becoming a beta-test company?



Making job seeking smarter

Every human is unique. They're more than just a CV and coverletter. We're creating a new way of job seeking - one that considers each applicant's values, working style, skill, and experience. We're not a job search. We're a job match.

  • Matching job seekers to jobs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Offering transparency and feedback to job applications
  • Working only with companies we know take good care of their people
  • Matching preference across full time AND part time jobs

We believe in dignity

Locally, we dream of finding a job for every person who wants one.

Globally, we provide clean water & sanitation to enable health & economic growth.

(When you work with us, you know you're also making global impact).