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At coHired, we are a social business, technology start-up harnessing advanced organisational science and artificial intelligence to match people to jobs they love. Because people who love their jobs stay longer, helping companies thrive.


Meet MeL.

Our Artificial Intelligence In-Training.

We're creating MeL to make job hunting and hiring more 'human'.

The Human Factor

As we move into greater automation and machine autonomy, we're going to de-humanise a lot of industries.

For recruitment and job-seeking, we're building a technology partnership so we can nurture the human interaction where it matters.

Meaningful Connections

By using advanced technology to help job applicant matching, talent teams have more time to engage and connect with their candidates.

This improves the candidate experience and helps talent teams do more of what they love. Working with people, not paper.

Harnessing Technology

We're leveraging the strengths of people and tech. Humans need sleep. Technology doesn't.

MeL is constantly matching people to jobs and workplaces, 24/7 hours a week, 365 days a year. Talent teams can then focus on the connections that form.

For Human Resource Teams


Reduced shortlisting times
Dramatic improvements in team fit
Better candidate experience
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Engagement & Retention Are Driven Primarily By The People You Hire
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For Job Seekers

You're more than just a CV. You deserve great communication and applicant transparency. Here is what you can expect:

  • MeL will not stop looking for your perfect match
  • We'll give you insights into your unique skills and talents
  • We only work with companies who we know take care of their people
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We Believe In Dignity.

Locally, we dream of finding a job for every person who wants one. Globally, we provide clean water & sanitation to enable health & economic growth. 


People Matter  Do Good


At coHired, we're building a business to solve big, global problems.

Not only does that mean re-imagining a new recruitment model, but it also means driving social change. 

Our Social Purpose

We're Currently In Beta!

This means we're building the first commercial version of our cloud-based platform.

We're working with some of New Zealand's largest and best employers to handcraft the company and job seeker experience.

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