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Who are looking for a job to love

Re-Imagining The Experience

Living in the digital revolution, there are more tools to work smarter than ever before.

Using advanced technology, we match your unique set of skills, experience, and values to jobs and companies you'll love.


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One profile that matches them all

Your unique profile is auto-magically compared and matched to every single job we list. You get to choose which companies to follow or jobs matches to apply for.

  • The better your profile, the better we can match you
  • The more jobs we secure, the greater your chances of finding a job to love
  • The more companies that use coHired, the fairer the job seeking experience

We're crafting a whole new way to find a job. We're currently growing our list of part time & full time jobs. Want to help this movement succeed?


We're also in beta!

We're currently working with some of New Zealand's largest and best employers to handcraft the company and job seeker experience across customer-facing roles - both full time & part time jobs

We'll expand to additional role types over the next few months. 


Building a whole new model

People are more than just a CV

More Than A Piece Of Paper

You're more than a CV. We help form a clearer picture of what you have to offer a company, whether you're looking for a full time or part time job.


Communication & Transparency

We keep you updated throughout your application process and ensure clear feedback is given - even if you don't get the job.

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Job Champion

MeL, our AI in-training, will be matching you to jobs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She cares deeply about finding you a job to love.


Keeping It Fair

Human bias can stop your application based on unfair assumptions about you. Our matching engine is working to overcome bias, every step of the way. 


Looking "Under The Hood"

We provide insight into company and team values and culture. You can make smarter decisions on whether you can see yourself working there.


Your Happiness Matters

Whether you get the job or not, we'll still be there. As a new hire, we do regular happiness check-ins. If you didn't get that job, we'll keep working to match you to another job you'll love, 24/7.

Interested in finding a job you love?

We are currently working with customer-facing, retail, call center, & hospitality roles.

This includes both part time & full time jobs.

If you want to be informed of our official commercial release or major announcements, sign up to our communication stream below.